Paula Newman

No. 1 people person; Service excellence/learning & development leader; Brand value into tangible guest excitement cardsharp; ‘Hospitality ammunition’ fully loaded

Background: Learning & development consultant; operator of nightclubs, restaurants and bars, and 10-year owner/operator of North Devon B&B: “Brightonesque,” says Lonely Planet. Collects metallic shoe wear, in anticipation of opening the first on-board space ship cafe.

Foreground: Hospitality Mantrist: “Do ordinary things extraordinarily well” – the 24/7 yogic soul of memorable, satisfying experience. Making superb, attentive, personal service reflexive for every aspect of a project, every member of a team.

“Love spin classes; obsessed with cosmetics; still own a pair of tap shoes; partial to bourbon sours or flips; love the sea; black lab named Bovril – black will always be the new black; very impulsive: I’m often known as ‘naughty Paula’ …”