Food, Glorious Food

Hungry? We have a Gorgeous story for food.

Menus that will leave you in delectable indecision: will I have the fish or the meat?
The sides sound superb. Shall I be a vegetarian today?

We create an ‘appetite’ that the menu will satisfy, working with chefs to inspire, innovate, and elevate expectations. New flavourful things to try, or imaginative renditions of the tried and true, with the sharpest eye on the quality of ingredients and the rightful season. It’s April: broad bean crostini with mint, and a lamb cutlet.
It’s October: butter-braised¬†girolles¬†with a poached farm egg. As ever, the desserts look Gorgeous.

We create an appetite that will keep you hungry throughout the day, from breakfast or brunch to lunch, afternoon tea, dinner or supper. For those with time to spare for adventurous cocktail snacking, or time to save with a well tailored ‘to go.’