Michelle Haugh

Project Manager/Team Master-Builder/Top Yoga Dog, in the French manner.

Background: General Manager, Circus Covent Garden; Asst. General Manager, Novus Leisure; on the Opening Management Team at 4 separate sites; 10 years foreign tour of duty in bars and restaurants in New York City. (If that doesn’t prepare you to MANAGE ANYTHING, we really couldn’t say what would ..) Past lives: banking; finance; hawking merch at the Royal Albert Hall.


Food & Drink. (did we mention Food & Drink?). Creating the life of the party. Client and guest laser-focused. Attention to detail. detail. detail. Business financials; H & S; Payroll. Precision team training.

“I love to have fun (FYI, in our minds, the perfect resume). Dogs/learning French/vacationing in Antibes. Yoga – “I have a habit of trying to show people how to do ‘the bridge’ from a standing position … after a few glasses of wine.”